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1-30-15 - A Typical Hour

I recently found this screen recording that I had done during a typical day here working on Conan. It shows a little bit of the craziness as well as the kind of quick turnarounds that we deal with. In the video I am working simultaneously on two different pieces, trying to get them both done before rehearsal. The troll was part of a series of stills that we made for a comedy piece. I don't think the piece with the space shuttle landing with the sunroof revelers ended up in the show.

1-26-15 - BRMC Poster

A few months back I decided to create a poster for my favorite band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This is the finished poster. Special thanks to (poster artist extraordinaire) Kevin Tong for giving me some great advice and direction while I was working on it.

1-20-15 - Hard Evidence

Graphics and animation for a recent piece parodying gritty cop shows.

12-20-14 - Petting Zoo Rescue

I created the animations and graphics for this comedy piece on Conan

Extended version of one of the animations used in the piece

11/12/2014 - New site design!

After years(!) of the same design, I have finally taken the time to teach myself CSS so I could redesign this site and bring it into the 21st century.